Sunday, October 6, 2013

Coppelion: Episode 01 - Dolls

The first episode was opened by beautiful yet sad scenery
Bright blue sky, the sound of breeze, and vast area of greenery. Looks beautiful, isn't it? Well, unfortunately, it is the scenery of some wasteland in Anime titled "Coppelion", which starts airing in Fall 2013. By wasteland, I mean it's truly abandoned by people. It's kind of sad looking it that way.
Overally, the art is quite unique, and I thought I will start to like it.

The only three highschool girls in the town appeared
As the story continues, there appeared three highschool girls in somewhat abandoned street, carrying bags and stuffs. Why did I say that they are highschool girls? Because they are wearing highschool uniforms! (Ba Dum Tss!) At first, they look like going on a field trip, but in this wasteland? Probably not. So what are these girls doing here? Consider it as mystery.

Ibara took a call from Vice-Principle Mishima
Looking closely at the characters, I can classify them into three traits: the leader, the cheerful, and the glasses (LOL). Despite they look like ordinary girls, I had a feeling they had some military experience. Meet Naruse Ibara, Fukasaku Aoi, and Nomura Taeko.

Aoi felt uneasy by looking Ibara injecting nutrients rather than eating
Taking a lunch on an abandoned bridge while waiting for the military helicopter to come? Something that ordinary girls will not do, right? But they do it anyway. Of course, because they have a mission to search for people in that contaminated town. Contaminated? Yeah, because those girls are called Coppelion, a specially born humans with extremely high radiation resistance, thanks to genetic engineering.

Ibara put the gun on Mishima's head, asking him to bring more medicine
Even though they were ordered ONLY to look for people, they still tried to save those people they found with some kind of medicine made by rare materials. Their Vice-Principal, or maybe, Commander Mishima Onihei reminded them with rather forceful yet little concerned. Looking aside from their difference, they headed to the same point, the epicenter which caused all of these!

Taeko was left alone to take care of the feral dog
While the Vice-Principal team is having difficulties on getting close to the epicenter on a helicopter, the Ibara team was walking around in some plant region when they encountered a dog which has been following them since the morning. What, a dog? How can a dog be living in this contaminated place? Well, that's what I thought. Without suspicion, they leave Taeko to tame the dog to make sure it will not follow them anymore, which makes it harder to differ survived people and some lost animals. Actually, Taeko has a unique ability to take care of animals. Her ability to have senses as sharp as animals were embedded in her DNA. Ibara and Aoi left Taeko with just a walkie-talkie. You know what's interesting? It comes in the next scene.

Taeko's walkie-talkie bathed in blood. What could this mean?
As Ibara and Aoi inspecting a suspicious corpse, they were attacked by a feral dog. Luckily, Ibara got it with a tranquilizer. By looking closely, they realized that it is a wolf. The town has changed so much that a stray dog has gone feral and has a sense like a wolf, making that town no different than an uninhabited forest. So it's not a dog, but a wolf? So Taeko is in danger? Oh my f*cking God! This is where all become more interesting. With some bravery they have left, Ibara and Aoi go back to help Taeko.
[To be continued in episode 02]

Knowing that Taeko is in danger, Aoi can't stop her tears
Aoi: "This is why I don't want to come here. This is not a world for humans anymore!"

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